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How does it work?

Libro transforms your neighbourhood into a library. You can use Libro to find new books to read and exchange books with your neighbors.

Anyone can contribute to your local library! Use the My library feature to add all your books and allow others on Libro to borrow them from you.

Use the app to see if anyone around you has the books you're looking for and borrow them for 30 days! When you're done reading, simply return the book to its home.

By using Libro, you can help save our forests too! Less freshly printed books means less paper, less shipping boxes, less packaging...

For the readers...

Libro helps you find incredible books just a step away from home. Simply use the app to borrow your favourite reads from your neighbours!

For the lenders...

How often do you buy a book, read it and store it in your library? With Libro, you can share those incredible reads with your neighbourhood, so everyone gets to enjoy your precious books.

Safety first.

Libro is designed to be a safe community. We use in-app Libro gems that you earn as you use the app and get good ratings from the community.

As a reader, you will only find books listed by verified users, who have uploaded a profile photo and verified their email or phone number.

As a lender, you can make sure you're sharing your books with a trusted user as only verified accounts are able to request to borrow your books.

Libro gems can only be earned by maintaining a good rating while using the app and exchanging books.

Download Libro today, and get reading!